The Marigolds
That's the State I'm In

  1. For Your Love
  2. Anyone Can Dream
  3. When I'm Walking With You
  4. Why Baby
  5. Don't Let Your Thoughts Start Killing You
  6. Not Giving Up
  7. Sometimes I Think I Can Fly
  8. May Your Life Be Ever Blessed
  9. Ramble Down the Line
  10. Trip to the Moon
  11. Miss Wyoming
  12. Someday I'll Thank You, Baby
  13. A Little Bit of Heaven
  14. That's the State I'm In

"Such beauty and pure brilliance doesn't come along often... five out of five stars."

- Maverick Magazine (UK roots magazine)

2009, Produced by Steve Dawson
Distributed by Outside Music

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The Marigolds

  1. Till the End of the World
  2. Little Black Dress
  3. Heart Have Mercy
  4. Father Adieu
  5. Licence to Love You
  6. The Hands That Rock Your Cradle
  7. My Darlin' Cory Is Gone
  8. I Don't Care to Try Love Again
  9. Train Full of Tears
  10. Inchworm

"Angelic harmonies and beautiful lyrics make this one outstanding release.  A must buy!"

- John Donabie, Toronto broadcaster

2005, Produced by the Marigolds and Nicolas Tjelios
Distributed by Outside Music

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